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Phangan Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

Koh Phangan offers more than just the Full Moon Party

Koh Phangan in Thailand is known for its Full Moon party, which is world famous. Many tourists would like to experience the party’s vibes, music, and fun atmosphere.

There are also many more attractions such as national parks, forests, mountains, waterfalls and sandy beaches. The island possesses a natural charm that attracts many tourists each year.

However, even in this beautiful place, there exists a level of suffering unseen by many!

Due to an injured elephant on the island of Koh Phangan, the idea arose in 2019 to establish a second site for abused and injured elephants on the neighbouring island, in addition to the Samui Elephant Haven. The sole purpose should be to let the elephants live in freedom and to protect them. Due to the COVID situation, this action had to be interrupted. But now we can finally open our place for you.

There are so many more animals that need our help and need to be rescued!

The goal is to study the natural behaviour of elephants, tell stories about elephants that you may not have known, such as their cuteness, intelligence, daily life and social habits.

These experiences offer so much more than animal abusing tourist attractions!

As travelers, we all want to experience the beauty and wonder Thailand’s unique wildlife. But it’s important to remember that many of the activities marketed towards tourists are actually harmful and abusive to these intelligent and sensitive animals.

At Phangan Elephant Sanctuary they will be free and live the life they deserve through education, outreach and hands-on care.